Chinese Health Balls

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Chinese Health Balls got their name from the healing benefits the balls provide.  For over 600 years they have been used in Chinese medicine and exercise.  Your body has an internal energy called Qi, pronounced like "chi".  Rotating the balls in your hands presses on the acupressure points in your hand stimulating the flow of Qi through your body.

To master the art of Chinese Health Balls, it takes practice.  A skilled user of Chinese health balls can make them move effortlessly and look like as if they were being moved with an invisible force.  It's not that difficult to rotate the balls in your hand, but it takes skill to do it with rhythm both slowly or quickly.

The easy way to rotate the Chinese health balls is by using your fingers to push the balls around.  Your thumb pushes one ball while your fingers push and guide the other ball around.  This kind of rotation is jerky, but a good way to get familiar with the balls in your hand. 

The advanced way is less pushing and more rolling.  Your hand is stretched out creating more space for the balls to roll in a circular pattern.  Instead of holding the balls, you are using your fingers to push and redirect the motion of the balls.  The palm of the hand is tilted downward to make use of gravity.  To describe the motion, your thumb pushes one ball across your palm.  The pinky finger catches the ball and then extends to let the ball roll across the fingers, not the palm.  While it is rolling, your fingers bend forward so the ball roll in a U shape across the fingers back to your thumb.

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