Where to Buy Chinese Health Balls

When selecting a Chinese health ball to practice with, getting the right size for your hand is important.  Buying a ball that is too large will make practicing difficult and cumbersome.  Getting one too small and the ball will be too light and small to rotate smoothly for advanced exercise. As you move higher in size, you can do more such as slow rhythmic rotations since the balls fill up your whole hand or rotate with multiple balls. has a widest selection of balls and sizes.  Their price is cheaper than many other stores as well.  When buying chinese health balls, don't forget about your other hand!  Many times, people get too used to exercising their dominant hand only and the other hand doesn't get the practice it needs.  If you ever viewed an expert practitioner of these health balls, you will usually see them using both hands with equal skill level.

Ideally an average woman would be okay to start with 35mm balls and move on to 40mm health balls as you get more comfortable.  Once you can do the exercises while you sleep (figuratively speaking) you can move to a larger size.  For an average male, 40mm to 45mm would be suitable.  If you have big hands, or are just looking for a new challenge, then try 50mm and up.  For people searching for the most resistance, you could try stone balls for an increased workout since they are most heavy type of balls.

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