Massage and Acupressure with Chinese Health Balls

Chinese health balls can be use for self massage or self acupressure as an additional function.  By taking one of the balls in your palm, press the ball against your muscles at certain pressure points.  Then with rotating movements, massage the area.

You can massage your neck, face, legs, and any reachable area to relieve tension and stress.  For your back, you can ask a partner to help by holding a ball in each hand and rotating them against your back in small or large rotations.  You can also massage in a line if you are more comfortable with that. 

While massaging the feet, you can use two balls at once. Put one ball under the arch of your foot and the other ball under your heel.  Then use your foot to control the balls in a forward and backward motion or a  small rotating movement.  Make sure that the floor is a carpeted floor to protect the balls during this massage exercise.

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